Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going Primal with Tribal Prints

Anyone who knows me knows I like to walk on the wild side in fashion, and the Summertime transition to Fall is the prime time to do so!  Enter: the Tribal Chic trend.  It’s effortless look and mesh of exotic-meets-organic vibe highlights the essence of the hot months.  Whether you’re hunting in the forest, errr, rather, hunting for a bargain on the sales rack, or stalking the corners of the high rise New York fashion life, tribal and Aztec prints will always make a fashion forward statement. 

My favorite ways to rock this look?  I’m glad you asked! Choosing a simple cut dress that sports a tribal pattern all throughout is the simplest, and most effective way to pull it off.  For an even more edgy look, pair the dress with a pair of jean short shorts, add some gladiator flats, and native accessories.

My other fav way to get my tribal on?  Adding an unexpected, bold solid color.  This really underscores the tribal print item, and adds a pop all over. 

And for the really bold…. (or just those tired of the same ol’ same ol’ single color nail polish) let me introduce you to your new Lacquer Lover:

But Spankie! How did you get your nails like that??  Watch the almighty video:

So tell me… how would you rock this look?
Side braid?  Check.  Fringe bag?  Check.  Spear and Shield?  Well…. You get the idea!

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