Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY – How to Make Destroyed Denim Jeans and Cut Off Jean Shorts

For this week’s YouTube Thursday, I thought I’d do a video on how to make your own awesome destroyed denim jeans, and if you want, making them chic cut off jean shorts!  I think destroyed denim is the perfect partner to anything chic and edgy, and since it’s still Summer, cutting off the pants of an old pair of jeans is the perfect way to score a new look sans extra moolah!

There's a step by step video of what I’m doing below:

Here’s what you need:

  1. Some old jeans
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Exacto Knife
  4. Scissors
  5. Cheese Grater (optional)

Rubbing your jeans down with sandpaper will create a nice faded look by removing some of the color in your jeans.  Gives them that $150 worn in look without spending a dime.

Using the exacto knife, scrape along the edges of your pockets, top edge of the waistline, and gouge out small holes exposing the under threads. 

Taking your scissors, measure out how long you want the shorts to be, and cut the legs about 2 inches longer, leaving you the ability to fold the cuffs up to add another fun style element.  You can then take your exacto knife and fray the bottom edges of the cuffs.

Also, when you wash the jeans, the frayed ends that you created will naturally unravel even more, and you’ll wind up with a totally custom, one of a kind, trendy piece!


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