Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rachel Zoe Loves Exude

 One of our favorite celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe now has something else she plans to check off her to-do list. Zoe made an appearance at NYC’s Plaza Hotel yesterday to show off her new lipsticks from Exude. The stylist teamed up with the company’s founders, Diane Breidenbach and Laurence Mille, to promote the products which have a unique applicator. This applicator releases a small amount with each use to prevent smears and keep your lips looking flawless. Rachel spoke about Diane and Laurence’s innovative products and shared her own beauty preferences. As far as her own cosmetic or beauty product, Zoe hasn’t made any promises but gave us a maybe.

 "We'll see! I'll never say never to anything ever again because I said never to half the things that I'm doing now. So now I'm just not going to make myself look like an idiot and say — maybe! You know it would be a logical thing for me to do. Because I honestly love it and it's part of the whole process of getting dressed, and nothing fascinates me more than the complete look . . . the answer is, I'm sure that I will. I'm going to feel like I really have to, because I want to."

Posted by: Saeko

Exude Lipstick Lip Creme in Red. Photo: Shahar Azran/WireImage

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