Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid Week Stress Buster

If you’re anything like me you absolutely LOVE Mondays!  Right??  Ha!  Not a chance!  I think it’s pretty standard to feel a little loathsome knot in your stomach when you think of Monday, but in my opinion, Wednesday is a pretty stressful day that tends to fly under the radar.

Think about it, you’re a couple days into your work week, but the weekend isn’t close enough to get too excited for.  Any Friday deadlines that you may have are starting to become much more of a reality.  And social calendars are typically pretty blank on this day.

So it’s my belief that treating yourself to a little extra pamper time mid week will not only give you something to look forward to in the beginning of the week, but will help calm and focus you to finish the rest of the week strong and energized.

My simple suggestions?  In the morning before leaving the house, pop some grapes in the freezer.  After you get home from school/work/whatever, and you’ve sent your last email, had dinner, updated your FB and put the Tweety bird to rest, draw yourself a steamy bath.  While the water is running, add a couple drops of lavender oil which has been used for ages in aromatherapy for the aid in relaxation and the reduction of anxiety.  Light a candle and sit it somewhere safe by the tub.  After you strip down, grab the bowl of frozen grapes and dip in the tub.  The water will soothe your tired, achy muscles, while eating the frozen grapes will act as a refreshing and guilt free dessert that contrasts wonderfully with the hot water you’re soaking in.

Take your time, and after, keep the candle going while you finish your nightly routine to  maintain the mood!  You’ll be amazed how renewed you feel.  If you try it, let me know how it worked for you!

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