Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Swap Parties

The lovely Autumn months are soon approaching, and just because the seasons are changing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shell out big bucks to revamp your wardrobe.  As the leaves swap out their vibrant green hues for orange and yellow, why not swap your wardrobe too, without spending a dime?

I’m talking about hosting a fashion and beauty swap party!  Here’s how it works:  You know those beauty products that you bought, tried once or twice, and then decided it’s not exactly what you wanted?  That perfume that you loved for a while, and have now moved on to a different scent?  And those clothes that either don’t fit, or simply aren’t your style anymore?  They don’t have to sit in your closet collecting dust while you shop for new items that rep the updated you.

Call up some friends, and have everyone pull out their gently used fashion and beauty items and accessories, and get together for a fun swap party where you trade and upgrade your loot to your fashionista heart’s content!  Not only will you score some fab new pieces for free, but it’s a great way to bond and laugh with the BFFs.  I know I don’t need an excuse to have a party!

To be safe, make sure things like perfume are at least half full, and don’t swap any eye makeup products like shadow and mascara.

So have fun!  Out with the old, in with the new to you!

Posted by:  Spankie Valentine

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Ria said...

This is such a genius idea! Haha I might have a party like this. I love your blog, check mine out.