Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Wear Red

Fire.  Passion.  Power.  Seduction.  These are just a few of the images that the color red conjures up in most of our minds.  And in case you somehow didn’t notice, the color has made an even more prominent statement in pop culture fashion by cultural trendsetters like Florence Welch, Rihanna, and often the billboard model for bebe. 

Yet, even though you’ve seen the dominance of red, you may have been a bit hesitant to rock your own reds… that is, hopefully, until now!

For the most bold, and thankfully simple way to pull off red, wear it as a solid.  Solid dresses, solid tops, and even solid shoes.  Then build your accessories around that.  To keep it chic and sophisticated, add simple accessories like black heels, a simple cuff, and perhaps a silver necklace.  That will really underscore the boldness of red while keeping it effortless looking and sexy. 

If you have fair skin and features, opt for shades of red that have a pale, blue undertone as orangy reds will just clash with your skin.  For my deeper, darker shade ladies, deep crimson reds, and those with plum and pink undertones will accentuate your lovely tone. 

Either way, red defines the aura of power and confidence, so when you put it on, feel yourself transform…. After all, your best accessory is your own personal flare and confidence.  Rock is with a sultry smile!

Are you ready to rock your reds?

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